Return Strategy for Doubles

Net Play Strategy for Doubles

Complete 66-page guide to net play strategy for doubles players

Learn how to become a force at the net in doubles. In this Ebook, I cover where to stand, how to move, when to poach vs stay, the best volley targets, common club-level mistakes to avoid, & drills to practice guaranteed to improve your volleys faster.

  • How to transform from a passive to active net player

  • Why you aren’t getting passed down the line enough! (not a typo).

  • What to study from your opponents that will tell you exactly when to poach.

  • Where to stand and how to move so you get easier volleys and force errors.

  • A dead simple rule that will improve your volleys immediately and cut back your errors from the net.

  • How to position yourself and move from the net during a deuce or ad court rally.

  • What to do in different scenarios, like 2-up 2-back, 1-up 3-back, 3-up 1-back, down-the-line rallies, and more.

  • The biggest mistakes made by club-level players (3.0, 3.5, & 4.0) at the net, including how to fix them.

  • How to get to the net with your partner and still cover the lob.

  • Common myths that your coach may have told you, and the reality of what to do at the net in doubles.

  • My 7 favorite doubles drills that will improve your volleys and feel more confident to dictate from the net.

Will Boucek

Founder of

I teach the tactics in this Ebook to 3.0-level players who are just starting out, as well as professional doubles players. I also personally use every play in my own 5.0 doubles matches. When you read through them, you’ll better understand your own game plus how and when to execute different shots on the doubles court.

"Your style and advice worked where hours of private lessons with coaches have not in the past. We are really excited to feel like we are up-leveling our game. Thank you for what you do!"

Cindy L. – USTA 3.5 Doubles Player

Will Boucek

100% money-back guarantee! 

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