Learn to counter any tactic that the return team throws at you, hide your weaknesses as the server, create game plans with your doubles partner, force missed returns, and hold serve more easily.

  • Learn the important difference between serve strategy in doubles vs singles.

  • Work more effectively with your partner as a team (even if they have a weak serve).

  • Why it’s NOT the server’s fault if they get broken, and what their partner can do to help.

  • When to serve & volley vs serve & stay back.

  • Why “cover the alley” is the worst advice in tennis!

  • Visual diagrams to help you see where to stand & how to move on the court.

  • Outsmart your opponent with different serve formations.

  • Understand the difference between 1st & 2nd serve strategy.

  • Winning tactics to use in the deuce and ad court.

Will Boucek
Founder of TheTennisTribe.com

I teach the tactics in this Ebook to 3.0-level players who are just starting out, as well as professional doubles players. I also personally use every play in my own 5.0 doubles matches. When you read through them, you’ll better understand your own game plus how and when to execute different shots on the doubles court.

"Your style and advice worked where hours of private lessons with coaches have not in the past. We are really excited to feel like we are up-leveling our game. Thank you for what you do!"

Cindy L. – USTA 3.5 Doubles Player

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